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Comprehensive Masonry Services

Looking to bring a classic, rustic elegance to your home's outdoor space? Our team of skilled designers and craftsman channel old world techniques to create spectacular stonework right in your backyard. We can incorporate virtually a limitless amount of features, laid out in a custom design which enhances the flow of your residential property. 


Walkways add a dynamic element to your yard. Whether you opt for installation in the front yard, back, through a garden or somewhere else you can be sure of one thing: here at Champion Paving & Landscaping you're in good hands. We can help you design an elegant walkway that perfectly compliments your space, guiding you and your visitors on a spectacular journey throughout your home.

Landscaping in the garden. The path in the garden.
A Retaining Wall at a Residential Home

Retaining Walls

Could your home benefit from the durable beauty of a retaining wall? Whether you want to install one for a specific function - to manage soil erosion, balance out a steep grade, increase privacy - or simply for aesthetic appeal and create a dynamic separation in your yard, we're the experts. We work with you to design and construct a custom retaining wall thats suited exactly to your preferences and needs. 


Columns are a classic way to add utlity and elegance to any home. Choose from a wide selection of materials - such as stone or brick - to be installed exactly to your size requirements. We can match columns to your home's style, perfectly blending form and function to your exterior.

Blue House with Pergola & Heavy Stone Accents

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